Dive Deeper into the Venice Biennale:

2024 edition | How to participate in 2026?

Online art talk for culture professionals & artists

5:00 - 7:00 PM CET, July 6th, 2024

I. Exploring the Venice Art Biennale 2024
  • What Does Biennale 2024 Consist Of?

Gain insights into the structure and highlights of this year's event.

  • Winners and Outstanding Projects

Discover the award-winning projects and artists shaping the future of contemporary art.

  • Controversial Responses

Understand the debates surrounding the participation of Israel, Poland, and Russia.

II. How Can You Take Part in the Venice Biennale?
  • Participation Opportunities

Learn how you can engage as an artist, curator, or organization.

  • Involvement in Major Projects

Explore ways to be part of the main project, national pavilions, or collateral events.

  • Logistics and Budgeting

Get a clear understanding of the event's structure, budgeting, and logistics.

III. Insider Tips for Organizing Your Visit
  • Access to Preview Parties

Learn how to get on the guest lists for preview parties.

  • Best Bars and Social Spots

Discover the best bars to visit, even with the legendary Bauer under renovation.

  • Must-Visit Places During the Opening

A guide to the essential spots to visit and how to decide what to see.

  • Five Tips for First-Timers and Seasoned Visitors
MARIA NEK, Co-Founder, European Cultural Academy, Venice

With over 15 years of experience shaping cultural foundations and educational institutions, Maria has produced exhibitions in Venice and shared her extensive knowledge in classrooms worldwide. Her mission is to advance art and education, spanning from the Venice Biennale to Burning Man.

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