Dive Deeper into the Venice Biennale:

2024 edition | How to participate in 2026?

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I. Exploring the Venice Art Biennale 2024
  • What Does Biennale 2024 Consist Of?

Gain insights into the structure and highlights of this year's event.

  • Winners and Outstanding Projects

Discover the award-winning projects and artists shaping the future of contemporary art.

  • Controversial Responses

Understand the debates surrounding the participation of Israel and Russia.

II. How Can You Take Part in the Venice Biennale?
  • Participation Opportunities

Learn how you can engage as an artist, curator, or organization.

  • Involvement in Major Projects

Explore ways to be part of the main project, national pavilions, or collateral events.

  • Logistics and Budgeting

Get a clear understanding of the event's structure, budgeting, and logistics.

III. Insider Tips for Organizing Your Visit
  • Access to Preview Parties

Learn how to get on the guest lists for preview parties.

  • Best Bars and Social Spots

Discover the best bars to visit, even with the legendary Bauer under renovation.

  • Must-Visit Places During the Opening

A guide to the essential spots to visit and how to decide what to see.

  • Tips for First-Timers and Seasoned Visitors

Academy clients, partners, collaborators