What the participants say about their experience at ECA...
The dynamic relationships and exchange of ideas with fellow students is very valuable. The course gave me a sense of validation and calm regarding the direction of my career and personal path through the world of art and culture.

Jocelyn Burke
Art lover
The networks I was able to create during last summer's course at the European Cultural Academy have enabled me to put together my first exhibition in Amsterdam, just as much as the exhibitions I viewed and all the knowledge I gained in Venice have.
Andreas Mittermayr
ECA is an awesome experience for beginners and professionals alike. Beginners can get first-hand insights into the industry of visual arts premium events, and professionals get access to a wide network and can position their work in a global context.
Lana Pavlovic Aleksic
At the European Cultural Academy I completed all three weeks of the Contemporary Art and Venice Biennale courses in Venice, Italy in August 2017. As a graduate student currently working towards getting my masters in Arts Management, I jumped at the opportunity to study in Venice. After I learned about the course through The Jealous Curator. The experience was amazing and I loved every second of it. Maria and Alex are extremely dedicated to the programme and have created an in-depth curriculum for individuals seeking to improve their knowledge in the fields of contemporary arts and museum management.
Courtney Cardini
Master student at The American University of Rome
Of course, in Venice everything is amazing, but the week of this programme made it even better. We were in for an interesting series of lectures that gave an insight into the art world and the structure of the Venice Biennale.
The lectures were mixed with activities, and hands on assignments that got the group even more involved and made an intense week very enjoyable aswell.
The group consisted of an unlikely collection of a wide variety of participants, people I would not have met otherwise, but from whom I have learnt a lot.

Highly recommended for anyone working or wanting to work in the field of art!
Karina Palosi
Artist, the Netherlands
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