Together with 8 leading universities and the European Association for Architecture education
The European Cultural Academy aims to reshape hybrid design education in Europe
Drawing by Richen Jin, University of Melbourne, Exhibiting Architecture student 2019
Summer design studios are the perfect venue to innovate the short-term online and offline education - to place experiential, project-based learning at the centre of education. The goal is to open-source ideas and innovation together with academics and students and make the resources publicly available to implement.
    RESHAPE is a network of leading universities and organisations that is dedicated to innovative solutions for design studio education. With most of higher educational institutions teaching design studios online, we are working on solution that connect experiential learning in the digital sphere to develop the 21st century design studio. We do not solely want to work digital but find hybrid solutions and appropriate learning outcomes to connect the digital and physical methods.

    RESHAPE re-invents summer architecture studio, the project partners believe that summer studios can become the perfect venue to innovate the short-term online and offline educational programme - to place experiential, project-based learning at the core of education. Together we have the objective to offer architecture teaching staff at universities a freely accessible set of methodologies to conduct summer studios blended, online, in person or abroad.
    The objectives of the project are sixfold:

    ‣ To develop the 21st century design studio and develop blended teaching and administrative methods for summer design studios
    ‣ To open source knowledge production and involve students in the competition to RESHAPE blended architecture design education
    ‣ To address skills gaps in architectural education
    ‣ To enhance quality assurance for summer studios
    ‣ To make methodologies available for academic staff in architecture education and to disseminate results at a digital conference
    ‣ To extend the network of academic staff and partners

  • HOW?
    The following activities will shape the future:

    ‣ Academics: Open-source ideas and solutions for the 21st century design studio
    ‣ Students: RESHAPE design competition, to Open-Source design education (applications open 1. October, 2020)
    ‣ Extend our network of academic staff in blended design education
    ‣ Sponsors wanted for RESHAPE competition, studios and conference
    ‣ Summer design studios: RESHAPE pilot studios
    ‣ Conference: The future of design education

Partner Universities
We collaborate with leading universities to reinvent design studio education
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