Digital and the classroom
Pedagogical tools for increasing student's attention

Innovative pedagogy: from digital to school learning

"He's distracted when he studies but can spend five hours in a row playing a video game!"

Are there techniques that help a student be as attentive in front of a teacher as they are in front of a screen? Digital media engineers think about immersion, dopamine effects, psychological awards and gratification systems that help to keep the user engaged for hours with a two-dimensional representation. This 'economy of attention' needs to be understood, in order that school can work with it, instead of against it. This course aims to tackle attention deficit, reflect on risks and limits, but most of all examine the richness, breadth and uses of digital tools that we employ as classroom resources.

Venice is the perfect place to hold this teacher training course. Working with various examples shaped on the city of Venice and it's art, educators will approach and employ other, different, pedagogical tools that can increase students' learning, concentration and critical thinking.

Outcomes: using pedagogical toolboxes for teamwork around attention issues / fostering better concentration amongst students / creating and managing learning content using digital resources.

DATES 2022: 31 oct - 5 nov 2022

DURATION: Six days / 36 hours



LOCATION: Palazzo Michiel, Strada Nova, 4391, 30121 Campo Santi Apostoli

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