Sustainable Urbanism Scholarship 2024
About the course
"Sustainable Healthy Cities. Building for the Future" is created in collaboration with the Global Centre on Healthcare and Urbanisation (GCHU) at the University of Oxford, the European Cultural Academy, and the King's Foundation.

The course offers 10 inspiring days in charming Venice.
Participants will get ideas and tools to design healthier cities for the future; to rethink urban spaces in response to the emerging environmental, social and economic challenges, using Venice as a unique case-study.

You'll dive deep into key themes such as soft mobility, sustainable food systems, and the morphology of sustainable settlements. Expect engaging lectures, hands-on projects, and guided tours.

You'll develop a real-world, portfolio-ready design project that reflects your expertise and passion for sustainable urban development.
Judges and Course Leaders
  • Dr Matthew Hardy
    Senior Lecturer in Architecture & Urbanism at The King's Foundation

    Matthew works at the intersection of urbanism, urban morphology, architectural history, and climate change. He teaches at Oxford on the Sustainable Urban Development programme. Matthew has lectured and published widely, editing the book The Venice Charter Revisited (2011).
  • Dr David Howard
    Associate Professor in Sustainable Urban Development at the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford.
    Dr David Howard is also a Director for the DPhil in Sustainable Urban Development and Director of Studies for the Sustainable Urban Development Programme at the University of Oxford. His current research interests focus on access to basic services and shelter in low-income, urban neighbourhoods in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.
We are pleased to offer a scholarship opportunity to join the 3rd edition of the "Sustainable Healthy Cities: building for the future" course. The scholarship will cover full tuition fee.

This opportunity is tailored for aspiring architects and seasoned professionals seeking innovation and sustainability. Experience Venice, design for the present day realities of the city, add a professional project of work to your portfolio.
We offer one full scholarship. Outstanding runners-up may also receive a partial scholarship.
SCHOLARSHIP: Full scholarship for the 2-week course in Venice

COMPETITION DATES: February 22 - March 30, 2024


WHO CAN APPLY: Students, researchers, architects, urban studies professionals, artists and creatives from all fields and backgrounds are welcome

FORMAT: Open format. Stand-alone text descriptions limited to 2000 words but feel free to upload your portfolio in any common format that help you to best present your project.


CALL OR WHATSAPP US: +39 328 858 6087
Application Requirements
Project description. Please submit us either a previous project (from university, professional life etc) or a new proposal for the future where sustainability will be integral to its success. Projects can range from a small-scale domestic or local proposals, to rethinking an entire regional strategy. The scholarship will be awarded for innovation, originality, creativity and depth, and not for the scale of the proposal.

Format: Open format. Stand-alone text descriptions limited to 2000 words but feel free to upload your portfolio in any common format that help you to best present your project.

Current CV: CV, a pdf portfolio (if you have one) and a description of your interest in sustainability (Max 1 page A4)

February 22
Applications open
March 22
Applications deadline
March 30
Results announced
June 17- 28
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**Participants are responsible for their own flights and accommodations in Venice. The European Cultural Academy provides a comprehensive list of affordable accommodations and other student resources on their website.
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